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Disney World 2010!?

Disney World 2010!?

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Abingdon Boys School
My baby and I were talking the other night with a mutual friend and the conversation went from disability and taxes to Disney World. We've just started requesting time off for the next year at my full-time job, and I was saying that Adam's favourite time of the year is Halloween (for obvious reasons). The conversation turned to discussing an 'adult' trip to Disney World, and it looks like Adam's pretty serious about wanting to go for his birthday next year! So maybe next year we'll be sporting mouse ears and stalking Captain Jack Sparrow!
  • *licks*

    oohhhhhh fun!!! XD
    • Well hey there stranger. Me and Adam were wondering if you didn't like us anymore!
      • why is it ME that has to not be liking you guys anymore... I sit here all by my lonesome and NOBODY talks to me anymore.. why must I initiate the convo every time? :P HAHAHAHAHAHA

        IT TAKES TWO!!!!

        *slaps ass and runs away*
        • D'awww, bb! *snuggle* Sorry, we've both been a little busy lately with work and this last week especially has been rather hectic. Tis not personal. =(
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